The Art of Terra Cotta

For over ten years, AMERICAN SOIL & STONE has been importing the finest hand finished terra cotta from the hills of Tuscany. Artisans in the area produce the most beautiful terra cotta in the world using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. Each piece crafted by accomplished artisans demonstrates the uniquely imperfect beauty of Tuscan terra cotta in exquisite detail.

Our products are crafted in a small family owned workshop outside Siena from chalk molds on which the clay is spread and modeled by hand. Each piece is then expertly finished by accomplished craftsmen. Our long standing relationship with these artisans insure that we will have the best they can offer.

All of our pieces are crafted with the finest clay in Tuscany, which is high in iron, copper, calcium and aluminum. The combination of this composition along with the high firing process means that these pots are extremely durable to a temperature of -20F. If cared for properly, our imported Tuscan terra cotta will last a lifetime.

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