Soil Blends

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Ultra Potting Mix

Our premier coconut coir based potting soil. Coconut coir is an environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss. Fertilizers are pre-blended so this soil is ready to use.
Contains: Coconut Coir, Sand, Red Lava, Dolomite Lime, Nitroform 38-0-0, Iron Sulfate, Triple Superphosphate, Calcium Nitrate

Ultra Bedding Mix

Excellent for pots or filling raised planters. Can be used for flowerbeds and general landscape plants. This soil uses coconut coir as an alternative to peat moss.
Contains: Coconut Coir, Greenwaste Compost, Rice Hulls, Chicken Manure, Grape Compost, Red Lava, Sandy Loam

General Landscape Soil

A generously amended sandy loam soil that is ideal for soil replacement or to raise the level of the soil. No additional amendments or fertilizers are required prior to planting. General Landscape can be used as backfill around trees and shrubs.
Contains: Sandy Loam, Aged Wood Fines, Grape Compost, Greenwaste Compost

Turf Blend

This amended sandy loam is best used for new turf projects. Turf Blend can be spread over existing soil to a 3-6 inch depth. No additional amendments or fertilizers are required prior to planting. Everything you need to get your turf off to a great start is already in this soil. This blend contains less organic matter compared to General Landscape and will be less prone to settlement.
Contains: Loamy Sand, Grape Compost, Greenwaste Compost

Local Hero Veggie Mix

A favorite amongst vegetable gardeners this well amended sandy loam is designed specifically for vegetables. Can either be used to fill raised planters or blended with existing soil. This product utilizes chicken manure, grape compost and cocoa bean hulls to provide a long lasting nutrient source.
Contains: Sandy Loam, Greenwaste Compost, Rice Hulls, Chicken Manure, Grape Compost, Fir Bark, Cocoa Bean Hulls

Rhododendron Blend

This blend is specially designed for rhododendrons and other acid loving plants such as azaleas and camellias. This mix contains fir bark, redwood sawdust and coir, which give this blend an acid pH. Can be used as backfill, incorporated with existing soil or utilized as surface mulch.
Contains: Fir Bark, Nitrogen Fortified Redwood Sawdust, Grape Compost, Sand, Red Lava, Coconut Coir

Basic Blend

This soil blend consists of screened soil and compost. Soil texture may vary.
Contains: Screened Soil, Aged Wood Fines