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This nutrient rich blend can be used as a soil amendment or mulch to improve fertility. When used as an amendment, mix with existing soil up to 50% by volume. When used as surface mulch, place to a depth of 1-2 inches. Runoff from pots can stain so use with caution.
Contains: Aged Wood Fines, Greenwaste Compost, Fir Bark, Grape Compost, Rice Hulls, Chicken Manure, Red Lava, Sandy Loam

Walt Whitman

A high nutrient amendment comprised of compost, rice hulls and chicken manure. A little goes a long way. Blend with existing soil at 25-30% by volume and follow with a thorough irrigation immediately after planting. Walt Whitman when used at an appropriate rate will provide adequate fertility for plant establishment.
Contains: Greenwaste Compost, Rice Hulls, Chicken Manure


This amendment is specifically designed to amend clay soils. Blend with existing soil at 50% by volume to loosen stubborn clay. A favorite of East Bay gardeners!
Contains: Fir Bark, Aged Wood Fines, Rice Hulls, Chicken Manure, Grape Compost, Red Lava

Grover Wonder Grow Compost OMRI Listed

Grover Wonder Grow Compost is OMRI listed compost. Grover Wonder Grow Compost is truly a green product made from composted green and food waste. This well composted material adds organic matter, nutrients, and biological life to your soil. Use with all soil types. Grover Wonder Grow Compost will help loosen clay soils and will improve the moisture and nutrient holding capacity of sandy soils. Great to use when sheet mulching!
Contains: Composted Plant Materials, Food Waste

Super Grape Compost

Made from composted grape pressings. Last season's grape harvest is this year's Super Grape Compost! Super Grape is OMRI listed as Harvest Compost. An extremely nutrient rich compost great for topdressing to improve fertility or blend with existing soil to increase the organic matter content and fertility. An excellent source of nitrogen. Can be used as a topdress placed at a depth of ¼-½ inch. Incorporate into soil at approximately 25% by volume. Upper Valley Recycling is the producer of Harvest Compost.
Contains: Composted Grape Pressings (Pomace)

Harbor Bay Blend

A blend of WonderGrow compost and Super Grape Compost. Great for amending sandy soils. A favorite of gardeners in Alameda. Incorporate at a rate of 30-50% by volume.
Contains: Grape Compost, Greenwaste Compost

Turf Topdressing

A blend of Super Grape Compost and Red Lava Sand. Apply to turf areas following aeration or use as a cover for newly seeded areas. The lava keeps the holes created by aeration open allowing air and water into the rootzone. The grape compost supplies a source of slowly available nutrients to improve turf color and growth. Apply at a depth of ¼ inch following aeration or apply as seed cover.
Contains: Grape Compost, Red Lava

Nitrolized Redwood Sawdust

Mix with soil to add organic matter and to add acidity. Nitrogen is added to prevent nitrogen 'draw'. This amendment is not an appreciable source of nitrogen.
Contains: Redwood Sawdust, Nitrogen Fertilizer

Fir Bark ¼-inch Minus

Mix with soil to add organic matter and to add acidity. No additional nitrogen is added to this product.
Contains: Fir Bark

Coconut Coir

An environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss. Add to soil to increase water retention and porosity. Makes an excellent growing medium for hydroponics and orchids.
Contains: Coconut Coir

Coconut Husk Chips

Coconut Husk Chips have been used by orchid and flowers growers with great success. Coconut Husk Chips work great in all types of potting mixes or use it alone for Orchids, Bromeliads, and Cymbidiums. Add Coconut Husk Chips to your soil mix to create a coarse blend. Can also be used as mulch in vegetable gardens - after the growing season the chips can be blended with the soil to improve moisture retention. Available in small (¼-1½ in.), medium (½-¾ in.) and large (¾-1 in.) sizes. Packaged in 1 cubic foot bales, which yield approximate 3 cu. ft. when decompressed.
Contains: Coconut Husks